Announcement of New Board of Director

At the new May 15, 2022 Annual General Meeting, the following members were voted as our incoming executive team members and board of directors:

President: Directors:
Victor Leung (1977) Frankie Au (1970)
Vice President: Charles Choi (1990)
Anthony Wu (1973) Nick Domingo (1963)
Albert Manson (1967) Patrick Li (1973)
Secretary: Dominic Lau (1961)
Vacant Paul Ng (1970)
Treasurer: Ivan Mo (1985)
Harry Ching (1967) Daniel Chung (1970)
Membership: Newsletter & Webmaster:
Victor Leung (1977) Victor Leung (1977)

LSCOBA Vancouver Chapter 90th Anniversary Celebration Dinner-Christmas Karaoke Social

December 16, 2022
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